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New US president, new foreign policy?



Nov 23, 2020, 16:59

No transition to a Biden administration has begun in the U.S. because the Trump administration refuses to acknowledge its defeat on November 3. Observers have called Trump's efforts to overturn the election an attempted "slow-moving coup." Trump's strategy centers on forcing states to exclude legal votes submitted by African American voters in Wisconsin and Michigan, or in pressuring state lawmakers to disregard those votes and illegally submit their slates of presidential electors.

Assuming these efforts fail, one major question that endures in U.S. opinion-making circles is, will projected U.S. presidential election winner Biden create a substantially different foreign policy than his predecessor? At stake is how Biden will shape U.S.-China relations.

Let's briefly look at representative opinion across the U.S. political spectrum. Right-wing opinion-makers have long-held racist and anti-communist views of China. Trump, who controls the Republican Party despite his historic loss, fueled not only racist and false claims about the "China virus" but is also now pushing frankly deranged conspiracy theories about China's role in the U.S. election. So, little value comes out of that perspective. If Trump managed to succeed in his coup, aside from destroying the U.S. political system, he would be unable to establish any trustworthy foreign policy.

In the center or liberal sections of the political establishment, pretense about the global role of the U.S. prevails. False beliefs in U.S. leadership on human rights and democracy serve to justify military, political, and economic interventions. Shrouded in hypocrisy, these each serve to prop up U.S. unilateral global hegemony.

People who hold this political orientation fall all over themselves to denounce China's right to maintain its national security on its western borders. They ignore or wring their hands at massive human rights abuses based on white racism in the U.S. immigration and criminal justice systems. Let's face it: most Americans don't know where Xinjiang is, how to pronounce it, or even feel that they need to.

Others express unnecessary anxiety about China's economic growth over the past two decades. That growth has positioned China as the second-largest economy in the world, allowing it, by all measures, to lift more than 800 million of its people out of poverty. U.S. observers hold this fear irrationally. Many worry about no longer being "Number 1," while others are nervous about new competition with China's technological powerhouse and growing influence in many countries that no longer are held captive to the Washington Consensus.

We all need to shift to the more reasonable view that the U.S. could be a global leader in a multilateral framework. Such a position would require persistent good-faith diplomacy, fair economic relations, and recognition of sovereignty for other national actors. Despite the necessity for this realism, however, the U.S. political class of this orientation remains mired in an irrational and impossible unilateralist mode of thought. Increasingly, this position has proven reckless and harmful to the people of the world, and it offers no path forward for U.S. business and political interests.

While most of the world balked at the excesses, abuses, rhetoric, and threats of the Trump administration, most recognized his policies as the exaggerated demands of parts of the U.S. ruling class rather than a significant departure from its traditional foreign policy.

A far less influential left perspective fears that little daylight exists between the foreign policy of the center or the right. The left expects Biden to develop cosmetic improvements, such as walking back Trump's racist rhetoric, eliminate the bans on WeChat and TikTok and other ridiculous sanctions, and to reopen constructive trade talks.

Most do not expect that Biden will ease military, economic, or diplomatic containment efforts. These include an unnecessary and wasteful military build-up in the Pacific, reckless spying, and hypocritical human rights criticisms. These actions will continue a "hybrid war" targeting China for regime change. Instead, Biden is expected to adopt a position of "pre-Trump normal."

What a Biden administration likely will ignore is China's right to national security, to plan and develop its economy, and to manage its foreign policy with those interests in mind.

Political coalitions like No Cold War, based in the UK, the U.S., and Canada, have created significant organizational and informational links to counter this likely ongoing trend. They have raised vital issues of concern to Westerners who favor friendlier relations with China and offer alternative ways of understanding China. So far, however, this coalition has focused entirely on criticism of the UK, the U.S., and Canadian foreign policy. A positive effort to establish people-to-people and organization-to-organization relations between Western and Chinese people is crucial as well. People can form non-governmental relations to resist and undermine the unilateralist and aggressive aims of dominant Western elites.

The author Joel Wendland-Liu is an associate professor of the Integrative, Religious and Intercultural Studies Department at Grand Valley State University in the US. (Source :CGTN)

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GhostBuster post time: 2020-11-23 19:17

The most important misssion will be to kick France out from the permanent membership in the UN - China, France, Russian Federation, the United Kingdom, and the United States to get India a seat.

From there on it will be a piece of cake to include Nippon as well.






So the streets of San Francisco are paved with excrement, amerikan infrastructure is given a grade D, the Great Satan is history's worst ever debtor and the only issue on the table is Great Satan foreign policy?!


Before we talk about Biden's foreign policy vis a vis China especially on whether his judgmental independence is in doubt, let us examine some of the difficulties he is encountering internally at the present stage of the presidential transition process.

You all would have noted that Trump is bristling at the suggestion that he should cooperate with Biden’s team to share pandemic-related data and is setting up a trap for the president-elect -- he is going to have no federal relief fund leftovers for Biden to use when the latter takes over the reins of government on January 20, 2021.  

This betrayal of the public trust is going to wreak havoc on ordinary folks during the bitterly cold winter -- the present death count is 255,000, with new cases greater than 200,000 per day, and the heartless man is still looking away from the mortality numbers while siphoning money from his campaign coffers to cajole Michigan Republicans to disobey election laws and cast their electoral votes against the will of the voters.

It will not surprise me a bit if the infection and mortality rates double or triple again before any truly effective American vaccine becomes available.  Right now the best that any American drug company can do is to claim without evidentiary findings from third-echelon clinical trials that one of their vaccines has “90 percent efficacy” -- which is hardly sufficient for anyone to feel safe at the receiving end of the inoculation, and yet even that is only a claim. 

American drug companies are just about the most immoral private enterprises in the world.  For instance, Purdue Pharma was convicted of willful fraud and forced to pay $600 million in fines for intentionally lying about the addictiveness of their narcotic drug OxyContin, which was initially marketed as a painkiller for terminally-ill cancer patients in hospices and then presented to the public as a wonder drug with “only 1% addictive potential” – a knowingly false statement leading to the present heroin epidemic in white America.. 

What happened was that many middle-class white Americans took the painkilling drug and became so addicted that they later turned to heroin when OxyContin prescriptions could not meet their insatiable demands. Mexican drug cartels took notice of the huge ‘opportunity’ and began to push small packets of heroin onto the streets of every suburban town in America, creating the heroin epidemic in America today.

At this point let us all hark back and recall how Westerners used to make fun of opium addicts in pre-revolution China, who were seen smoking opium exported to Guangdong by British merchants headquartered in Calcutta's East India Company.  That eventually led to the downfall of the Qing government in 1911 -- 70 years after the Opium War of 1839-41, at which time Commissioner Lin Zexu was fruitlessly sent by the Qing emperor to burn opium at Humen in Guangdong.

Now America is struggling with the same opioid affliction, but do you hear the Chinese people laughing at the afflicted?  No, not at all. That is because doing so would lower themselves to the level of immature Westerners and that, my friend, is the essence of Chinese culture.  The drug habit is hard to kick in America because of the permissiveness of white culture.  Searching for solutions to the problem, they came up with a plan decriminalizing heroin addiction and basically letting addicts use and sell drugs in broad daylight in the so-called L.E.A.D. program that started in Seattle, Washington in 2011.

How they are going to eradicate these two scourges -- the coronavirus pandemic and the drug epidemic – from this point on is anybody’s guess. Black comedian Richard Pryor quipped that the heroin drug culture would not have been classified as an “epidemic” and qualified for federal funding had heroin not become popular amongst middle- and upper-middle-class suburban whites.

Remember how U.S. commerce secretary Wilbur Ross rejoiced over the fact that Wuhan had this epidemic because “that means manufacturing jobs are returning to the U.S.”?  Folks like him used to scoff at foreigners for their incompetence -- just visit any library and look through the stacks of books on China authored by Westerners and you will find mostly statements full of prejudicial derision largely secondary to their own ignorance of the proven tenacity and resplendence of Chinese culture.

Coming back to the pandemic, we see that now the same disease is killing off hundreds of thousands of their own loved ones, and they are no longer laughing.  

Remember how it was that at the beginning of the pandemic in Wuhan a New York Times article carried a derogatory article entitled “Sick Man of the East” – apparently not expecting that in a few short months they would have to wear their own hats as “Sickos of the West” and become the real butt of their own joke because of their utter failure to combat the coronavirus? 

Their premature and unsettling glee at the misfortunes of others demonstrated for all to see the barbaric callousness of certain Americans -- that kind of mindset and behavior would have been anathematized in Chinese culture – just remember how people from all walks of life around the nation commiserated with the sufferers and cooperated with the government in doing whatever it would take to help the people in Wuhan even as NYTimes was running that article?

Is there any doubt, therefore, that if you are asked which country is more qualified to lead the world towards the goal of common prosperity – the one electing a pathological liar like Trump who minds his own interests to the exclusion of everyone else’s, or the one that emphatically cherishes the common interests of our global community – that you would have picked the correct answer in a heartbeat?  


So a Blinken-Flournoy pair (State-Defence) will try to obamize China a second time. With holocaust roots, french-speaking Blinken will rustle the europeans while warhawk Flournoy will tap India, Australia, Japan and the Philippines, using the US Indo-Pacific quad to divert China's naval resources from SChina Sea, thereby attempting to break the BRI route in order to weaken the RCEP.

But conflating ideology with realpolitik will generate ponderous policy contradictions.

If the US' socalled 'allies' help the US mount a global alliance against China in an effort to set directions for her based on their personal agenda, how do they expect China to agree on cooperation in any area?

If A doesn't accept B in toto, especially when B has not interfered in A's domestic affairs, how can A expect B to cooperate in any field? If A persists in attacking B's government, B will conclude A is just blackmailing. B may even say A is acting like a thug.

As example, if the US leans on the EC to pressure China, why should China help the EC on climate change or market opening?

As a case in mind, Joshua Wong has already pleaded guilty and even offered to say what he had done was unequal to others who had also caused disruption, meaning what his co-inciters had done were more troublesome to society than what he had committed. Now if the legalistic EC relents to US pressure on China with regards Hong Kong, is the EC saying Joshua Wong was wrong to plead guilty in recognition of a law? If yes, why was German-occupied Shantong province given to Japan after China had sacrificed lives to help Europe during WW1?

Or take another case - if the US leans on Japan to block China's entry to the CPTPP, how can China help Japan pull out of its recession? The third one. First was Japan after being nuked by the US, and yet China compassionately forgave its war debts. Second was Japan plummeting into post-bubble recession caused by the US' Plaza Accord.

It seems the western version of who is right and who is wrong is based on the short length of the western attention span for historical events, especially when those events caused the very injustice which had subsequently given rise to new systems of governance necessary to avert the recurrence of those events again, all the more important since it seems even today the west can so easily whitewash its own past malfeasance when it suits its own present interests.

Maybe their DNA is just sinophobic racism against one-fifth of the human race. Like viralized mutations which arise from a virus changing itself to infect new hosts without changing its innate nature.

Will Beatles fan Blinken be able to intuit this despite his long foreign relations exposure? Will Michele Flournoy be another Harvard's Samantha Power who could only write a Can-Do America by castigating China without any critical thinking based on ground facts and deep understanding of the very important question of WHY.  One would think under any international law and principle, an accused should first be understood before the accusation is made but it seems the west has some conceited self-serving privilege of ignoring its own biases, an expensive education aside.

The next four years is going to be another long and winding road, and traced from a time past and wasted looking at John Harvard's statue in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

How about Let It Be? Or, Imagine.

The author of the above article hit the nail on the head. Coincidentally, one was also thinking the same thing and drawing the same conclusion.  In the sum of all things, it may have to come down to p2p = person to person win-win interactions independent of whatever Biden's US will throw to tarnish China.  Even Sweden's Ericsson head agrees banning Huawei is against european principles.

As he ages, Biden should all the more be careful his underlings don't usurp his presidential powers to enforce policies that will continue the republicans' vain attempt at disruption of any other superpower.  Nobody objected to the US in all its forms and functions so why should the US object to China in any of her forms and functions? Last one checked, she is doing much better. By any realistic standards.


How does it make sense for the sheeple to vote for a POTUS, who is then chosen by the goons & thugs?

Are the sheeple supposed to be foreign policy experts?

The POTUS is clearly nothing more than a figure-head. The goons & thugs decide foreign policy and if the POTUS disagrees they'll get rid of him one way or another as they did with JFK.


The war party will be back in full force...

Dementia Joe has supported every war America has waged during his 40 yrs in office, including while he was the ranking Democrat on the foreign affairs committee to the run up to the iraq war in 2003. A Biden/Harris or Harris/Biden administration are also a cert to try and force Assad to share power in Syria. In other words the US  war machine is being reignited to bring down another middle eastern leader..........

Relations with Russia are set to worsen, and then there is North Korea.......yea the US war machine will be at her most fierce once Harris/Hillary/ Biden take the keys


As they say in Poodleville, "Whoever you vote for, the government always gets in."

Amerikans say, "If voting ever changed anything, they'd ban it."

Lewrockwell.com said voting was "advertising your stoooopidity".

It's not as though convicted war criminal, Shrub, was ever really in charge of anything. It's not as though the amerikan sheeple voted for such an obviously obnoxious retard: Then in 1999, I was asked to fly down to Texas to meet with George Bush, Jr. I was told that this was different. They had me meet with various potential candidates to vet them out and give my opinion if they could handle the job from understanding the global economy. So what was different with Bush, Jr., was the fact they told me he was “stupid”. I was shocked. I asked why would you want to make someone stupid president? I was told he had the “name”.

- The 6th Wave


Biden will implement new foreign policy to engage EU for full alignment with US to be thorny to China!


As far as foreign policy is concerned, there will be really no major changes of policy towards China, it will be akin in many aspects to re arranging the deck chairs on the Titanic, the only thing that may change is the rhetoric, maybe somewhat less hostile, but in reality it will take a whole generation to achieve the realistic changes that, would be beneficial to both countries.

Political ignorance will play a role in his administration, in the same way as it is at present.  

In the main I think domestic issues are going to take up a lot of Biden’s time, his country is falling apart, and as can be seen the decline is going to continue, with racial divisions, and between rich and poor.

In truth most Americans, would be unable to find China on the map, after all they are descendants of immigrants, from Central Europe who settled in America before the outbreak of the First World War, they have no idea about what happens in the rest of the world.

I will have no regrets to watch America decline into the abyss,because that is where it belongs